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Lawrence Paul Murray (Paul Murray)


Lawrence “Paul” Murray grew up in Massachusetts.  Immediately upon graduating from high school in 1949, he enlisted in the Marine Corp and attended boot camp at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.  In 1949 he went from Camp Lejeune to Camp Pendleton in San Diego, then to Kobe, Japan before arriving at Incheon in Korea. He describes his participation in several early campaigns, battle injuries, as well as having to overcome the idea of killing other men for the sake of winning the war.  Lastly, he details what his service in Korea means to him.

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Inner Thoughts Once in Korea

Lawrence Paul Murray describes his inner thoughts while on his first assignment in Korea at Incheon Landing. He explains feeling conflicted over having to kill other human beings. He goes on to explain how he overcame this mindset when his defense mechanisms kicked in.

Tags: 1950 Inchon Landing, 9/15-9/19,Incheon,Front lines,North Koreans

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Early Sacrifices

Lawrence Paul Murray describes his first injury on his way to Seoul after the Incheon Landing. He describes a bullet injury to his ribs from a machine gun. He received the Purple Heart for this injury.

Tags: 1950 Seoul Recapture, 9/22-9/25,Seoul,Front lines

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Daily Reminders

Lawrence Paul Murray describes how he encounters daily reminders of his service in Korea, from the prominence of Korean products to seeing the success of South Korea today. He discusses his pride for his service and how it allows him to participate in an interview with a South Korean today. He goes on to explain how the Korean War was an important step in the effort to neutralize the spread of Communism.

Tags: Communists,Message to Students,Modern Korea,Pride

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