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Josephine Krowinski


Josephine A. Krowinski was born in East Boston, Massachusetts.  She was working as a nurse in Boston, MA, before she enlisted on July 27, 1942. Josephine Krowinski arrived in Pusan, Korea, in December 1950, and was stationed at Yong Durk Po.  She was part of the 160th Neuro Surgical Unit attached to the 8209 MASH, and she was a 1st Lt.  Her specialty in the war was nursing until she was rotated home from Korea and discharged all in March 1953.  After being rotated home, she attended college, and then worked as a registered nurse at a local hospital.  Her hobbies now include sewing and reading.

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Army Pay During Korean War

Josephine Krowinski did not recall how much she was paid while working during the Korean War as an Army nurse. She sent all the checks directly to Boston to her mother. Josephine Krowinski could tell that her mother needed the money more than she did, so that's why all her pay was sent back home.

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A Nurse's Duty in Korean War

Josephine Krowinski did not know anything about Korea before she was assigned to go, but she always trusted that wherever the Army needed nurses, that's where she was to go. She always did what she knew best, how to nurse people back to health ever since she graduated from nursing school in 1942. Josephine Krowinski was never scared and she always felt prepared for anything.

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They Took Care of Us

Josephine Krowinski described how well-protected she was by the Military Doctors she worked with. She always had G.I.'s looking after her. As a woman, Josephine Krowinski felt she was treated with respect and dignity.

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