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John Moller


John Moller graduated high school in 1947 and wanted to join the Australian Navy. His parents told him to wait a month before they would sign the paperwork since he was only seventeen years old. Once he was trained, he was sent to Korea stationed on the HMS Sydney with one thousand two hundred other sailors. As a member of the supply branch, he was given a hot shower daily and he was sent out for two weeks to the east coast of Korea. Three squadrons of planes were sent off his aircraft carrier to the Korean mainland to bomb and strafe the land. Since he joined the reserves after returning home from the Korean War in 1952, he was then sent to the Vietnam War in a troopship. Luckily, he was able to returned to Korea two times and to see the vast improvements made to the country throughout the years.

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Answering the Call For the Australian Navy

John Moller recalls enlisting in the Australian Navy in 1950. He shares that he was stationed on the HMS Sydney from 1951-1952. He comments on returning to Korean twice after the war and shares how he was able to see, first-hand, the evolution of the buildings, roads, and culture in South Korea.

Tags: East Sea,Basic training,Civilians,Cold winters,Front lines,Home front,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Modern Korea,Pride,Prior knowledge of Korea,Weapons

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Can I Please Join the Australian Navy?

John Moller recalls joining the Australian Navy when he was seventeen with his parents' permission. He describes working in the supply branch aboard the HMS Sydney, which was an aircraft carrier with three flight squadrons. He shares that he on the aircraft carrier along with multiple Spitfire planes.

Tags: East Sea,Basic training,Civilians,Front lines,Home front,Living conditions,Pride,Weapons,Women

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Life on an Aircraft Carrier

John Moller describes being shipped out for two weeks while stationed aboard the HMS Sydney during the Korean War. He recalls how he would provide supplies for the sailors on the ship while Spitfires bombed the Korean mainland. He adds that he was able to enjoy a hot shower daily and clean hammocks every two weeks.

Tags: East Sea,Front lines,Living conditions,North Koreans,Pride,Weapons

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