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Joe Henmuller


Joe Henmuller was born on June 15th, 1933 to Austrian immigrants in Chicago, Illinois.  Knowing he would be drafted after high school, he went to the draft board and volunteered to put his name at the top of the list.  Once in Korea, he worked in a transportation helicopter company which distributed goods and transported different military and USO officials.  Arriving after the Armistice, he did not see much combat but worked at the Demilitarized Zone and transported some POWs from the North back to South Korea.  He is proud of his service and amazed at how South Korea has modernized since his time there.

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Military Jobs

Joe Henmuller describes his different tasks during his time in Korea. He explains that initially he was with a Field Artillery Observation Battalion and his job was to ensure the helicopter used for artillery spotting was maintained. He explains that he was later assigned to the 13th Transportation Helicopter Company where he maintained an H19 Chickasaw and was eventually promoted to Crew Chief. He explains that his duties were not only maintenance, but also transporting supplies and people including Marilyn Monroe and General Matthew B. Ridgway.

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Korea after Armistice

Joe Henmuller describes what Korea was like when he arrived after the armistice and what he knows about South Korea today. He recalls that Korea was devastated by war, that Seoul had been destroyed. He explains that the destruction after the war makes the transformation Korea has gone through all the more amazing.

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Daily Life in Korea

Joe Henmuller describes what life was like in Korea. He explains that they lived in quonset huts and slept on canvas cots with rubber air mattresses. He recalls his weekly shower routine which required the men driving down a dusty road to the shower stalls and back when they finished, leaving them dirtier than they were beforehand.

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