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Jesus Rodriguez


Jesus Rodriguez was born in Los Angeles, CA. He was attending school before he enlisted in the Army 1949.  He arrived in Pusan in July 1950 and then was stationed in Okinawa in the 29th RCT, attached to the 24th Division as a corporal. He explains what it was like in training camp, including trying to get out of the training. He then describes how he earned the Silver Star in Korea.  In addition to this award, he received a Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge, and Korean Service Medal w/B2 3 SV stars.  Jesus Rodriguez also recalls what it was like to revisit Korea, including what surprised him. His experience reflects the hard efforts of the war and heroism that was required.

Video Clips

75 Demerits in a Week

Jesus Roriguez describes his strategy for getting out of Leadership Camp while training for Korea. He talks about the demerit system and how he manipulated it. However, he then turned it around when he realizes he had to pass no matter what. (Explicit language)

Tags: Basic training,Pride

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"There was a lot of them, and just one of me"

Jesus Rodriguez remembers the battle in which he won him a Silver Star for his bravery. He fought against the North Koreans for 5 hours after his company abandoned him in the middle of the night. Jesus Rodriguez reflects on the translator's role that night and the potential for him to have been a spy.

Tags: Fear,North Koreans,Pride

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Korea over the years

Jesus Rodriguez talks about his return to Korea. He tells about how he was invited to go to Korea after talking with the major of Seoul at a Veterans Day function in his city, Lahabra, which happens to be the sister city to Seoul. He discusses the changes he saw in Korea during his visit and describes the hospitality and gratefulness of the Korean people during his visit.

Tags: Seoul,Home front,Impressions of Korea,Pride,Prior knowledge of Korea

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