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James H. Raynor


James H. Raynor was born in Baguio, Philippines when his dad was serving at a U.S. military base stationed there. When he was two years old, his family moved to Washington state. He enlisted in the Army out of high school in 1950 with the intent of wanting to become a cook. Although his basic training was mostly in the mess hall, once in Korea, he quickly became attuned to the war arena that surrounded him. He elaborates on many terrifying moments serving in the Korean War.

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Only Trained in Mess Halls

James H. Raynor describes his first combat in the Korean War. He was not prepared for the conflict, having only trained in the mess hall during basic training. He describes how scared he was and not knowing what to do during the fight.

Tags: Basic training,Fear,Front lines,Weapons

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Hand Grenade to the Groin

James H. Raynor describes his first wound during the Korean War. He suffered from a hand grenade to his groin. He describes how he endured this wound without treatment, barely managing to walk.

Tags: Kunsan,Front lines,Personal Loss,Weapons

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New Year's Eve at T-Bone Hill

James H. Raynor describes his News Year Eve at T-Bone Hill. He elaborates on the poor food rations, the extreme cold, and calling out to his "mommy" for strength. He describes a surprise attack that destroyed everything around him.

Tags: Cold winters,Fear,Food,Front lines,Physical destruction,Weapons

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