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Isamu Yoshishige


Isamu Yoshishige served with the United States Army in Korea beginning in 1951. He was assigned to a heavy weapons company where he fired 75mm recoilless rifles. Although brief in nature, he provides an account of traveling from Pearl Harbor, HI, to Masan and Seoul before going all the way to the Yellow River.

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To Korea with the Whole Outfit

Isamu Yoshishige served in the United States Army in Korea beginning in 1951. He offers a brief account of his travels to Korea with some detail included on the areas within the region where his unit deployed. He speaks of working within a heavy weapons company as someone who fired 75mm recoilless rifles which possibly caused his hearing loss. He provides limited descriptions of the conflicts with the Chinese in the area in which he served.

Tags: Busan,Masan,Seoul,Front lines,Personal Loss,Weapons

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