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Herbert Yuttal


Herbert Yuttal was born in Brooklyn, New York and was drafted into the military in 1950. He recalls the various training locations he went to and being trained in mathematics as a Forward Observer. In his interview, he discusses the amount of artillery and lives  lost at Old Baldy. He explains that it was extremely beneficial serving with soldiers who had served during World War II.  He also remembers how the North Koreans snuck through the lines by pretending to be refugee families fleeing the combat. Overall, Herbert Yuttal believes that the sacrifice was worth it because of the progress Korea has made.

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Herbert Yuttal recalls that he was drafted in August 1950 and was sent to basic training. He explains that the was sent to multiple locations for training. He was trained in mathematics as a Forward Observer.

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On The Frontlines

Herbert Yuttal talks about being on the front lines as a Forward Observer at an outpost near Kaesong. He explains that they fired a lot of artillery rounds, destroying a lot of the landscape at Old Baldy and Pork Chop Hill. He remembers seeing his friends dying during these battles.

Tags: Gaesong,Chinese,Fear,Front lines,North Koreans,Physical destruction

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Prior Knowledge of Korea

Herbert Yuttal speaks about the benefits of serving with reservist soldiers that had already served in World War II. Their experience was very beneficial because it prevented mistakes from occurring. He explains how none of them knew what to expect in Korea whether they were new or WWII veterans.

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Enemy Infiltrating the Lines

Herbert Yuttal shares how the North Koreans would cross through the front lines and attack by pretending to be refugees fleeing the South. They would come through as a family group to sneak through the lines. After they were able to get through the front lines, they would throw hand grenades and kill as many people as they could before they were killed themselves.

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Doing My Duty

Herbert Yuttal speaks about what he had to do in Korea and his pride in doing his duty because of the results. He explains that you have to display maturity and accept the situations as they come. He explains that while he wished he hadn't had to do it, his responsibilites included killing a lot of people. However, the progress of Korea speaks to why he had to do that.

Tags: Fear,Pride

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