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Henry Martinez


Henry Martinez enlisted in the Army when he was only sixteen years old, after his three brothers had served in World War II. He explains how he was able to join the military at such an early age. Even though he had already spent time in Korea and Japan before the war, he made the choice to go back to Korea when he heard the war broke out because he wanted to help the people there. His specialty was supplies and he retells the story of when they tried to deliver a Thanksgiving meal to the Chosin Few. Henry Martinez has a lot of experience to share and is very proud of his service.

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Joining the Military at 16

Henry Martinez explains how he was able to get into the military at the age of 16, after deciding that he wasn’t learning anything in school and was struggling with his peers. He gives a basic overview of his basic training. He also explains why his parents allowed him to go.

Tags: Basic training,Impressions of Korea,Message to Students,Pride

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Choosing to go to Korea

Henry Martinez had already completed his tour of duty when the Korean War broke out. He remembers when he first heard that the war started while he was in Japan. He also explains why he chose to go to Korea when he had the option to go home.

Tags: Pride

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Unable to Deliver to the Chosin Few

Henry Martinez remembers what it was like delivering supplies during the war. He describes one particular event when he was going to deliver supplies and a Thanksgiving meal to the Chosin Few. However, he and the men had to turn around because not only were the mountains frozen, but the Chinese were quickly approaching.

Tags: 1950 Battle of Chosin Reservoir, 11/27-12/13,Chinese,Front lines,Pride

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