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Harvey J. Ernest


Harvey J. Ernest served in the US Army during the Korean War. He was drafted into the Korean War and had no choice about military service. His specialty was driving the famous M35, also known as the “Duece and a Half.” Serving in Korea was extremely difficult due to the possibility of death at any moment. Guard duty at nighttime was the worst due to not knowing the enemy’s location. Chinese and North Koreans would attack at nighttime. In addition to war, he saw the worst part of Korea when the Korean people were truly suffering. The Korean people lived where the war was taking place and lacked many necessities for survival. He is glad he served in the Korean War and happy he made it home.

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Harvey Ernest said it was cold in Korea but not quite as cold as Wisconsin. There were some Koreans he worked with while serving in Korea but does not remember too much about them. He was paid a dollar a day, and he would write his family back home. He was reluctant to talk about some of the things that happened in Korea.

Tags: Civilians,Cold winters,Living conditions

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