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Harold Huff


Harold Huff was drafted to serve in Korea in 1953. From New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, he did not know anything about Korea prior to being drafted. He attended his basic training and radio repair school at Fort Gordon in Georgia. He sailed on the U.S.S. Mann from San Francisco, California, headed to Korea but was rerouted to the Japanese city of Chofu. There, he worked on Army reconnaissance aircrafts such as the L-3, L-17, and L-23, repairing the aircraft radios that came back from Korea and taking many bullets out of radios in the process. He recalls stories from others that war time in Korea was very cold and dangerous.

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From Draft to Deployment

Harold Huff recalls being drafted, discusses his training in Georgia, and comments on his deployment and duties in the war. He shares how tough it was to leave his new bride and child behind. He remembers being pulled off of the ship and stationed in Japan where he repaired airplane radios coming back from Korea.

Tags: Basic training,Home front,Living conditions,Personal Loss

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A Typical Day

Harold Huff discusses his workload in Japan. He recalls working on an old zero base, in the middle of a hydroponic farm. He shares that the farm was sending produce to the front lines in Korea. He recollects stories of Korea from soldiers who witnessed it firsthand, saying it was cold and dangerous.

Tags: Cold winters,Fear,Food,Living conditions

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Leisure Time

Harold Huff discusses what it was like for soldiers in Japan when they had time off. He recalls how, on the weekend, soldiers would catch trains into Tokyo for massages and hot water baths. He remembers there being a swimming pool beside their barracks they could also took advantage of. He recognizes his luck in placement during the war.

Tags: Living conditions,Rest and Relaxation (R&R)

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The Effects of War

Harold Huff speaks about the effects of war on him as an individual. He cites his time in the military as a time of true growth. He shares how he learned a greater respect for the world and gained a greater perspective. He says that the experience helped him grow up and that he will never forget his time during the Korean War.

Tags: Impressions of Korea,Message to Students

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Changes in Korea

Harold Huff discusses the differences seen in Korea before and after the war and compares the two Koreas today. He remembers hearing about the turmoil experienced in Korea prior to the war and recognizes the benefits Korea has amassed due to democracy. He talks about the hunger and sadness many North Koreans face in comparison to the fortunes of the South Koreans.

Tags: Food,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Modern Korea,North Koreans,Poverty,South Koreans

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Harold Huff

This is a photo of Harold Huff on the day of his interview.

Harold Huff