Korean War Legacy Project

Halil Tasci


Halil Tasci represents Korean War Veterans as President of the Korean War Veterans, Karsiyaka (Izmir Chapter) Association. This chapter originally had a peak of approximately seventy Korean War Veterans. The Karsiyaka Association wishes to keep attention on the sacrifices of the Turkish soldiers. The sacrifices of Korean War soldiers should not be “forgotten.” They accomplish this through a variety of activities. One activity is having veterans share their experience with school children. The Karsiyaka Association also provides a social outlet and food for the veterans of Izmir five days a week.

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Not "Forgotten"

Halil Tasci describes the activities of the Karsiyaka Association. The Karsiyaka works hard to provide services daily. He and his wife provide meals for the veterans five days a week. The association helps veterans with receiving benefits and salary. They also help with funerals for the soldiers when they pass. The association values the history and the sacrifices of the Korean War veterans.

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Heroism of the Turkish Soldiers

Halil Tasci describes the heroism of the Turkish soldiers. He feels pride and respect for the veterans. The veterans represent the history of the Turkish soldier. Turkish soldiers have always proven to be brave. Turkish Korean War veterans make the citizen of Turkey proud because of their heroism and sacrifices.

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Sacrifices of War

Halil Tasci describes the Korean War as an experience. Soldiers died before their time. He wants to share the experiences to help prevent future wars. Halil Tasci leaves with a message from the Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, wars could be murder if for no reason or forgotten.

Tags: Message to Students,Pride

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