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Girma Mola Endeshaw


Girma Mola Endeshaw served in the Ethiopian military during the Korean War. He was a medical assistant and helped wounded soldiers. He was part of the Third Kagnew Battalion. Girma Mola Endeshaw has been back to Korea and is amazed at the transformation. He understands the true word of sacrifice. When the Communists seized power in Ethiopia, Girma Mola Endeshaw had most of his possessions confiscated, because of his military service in Korea. However, he is proud of his service during the Korean War.

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Medical Assistant

Girma Mola Endeshaw describes being a Medical Assistant. The Ethiopian soldiers did not have a doctor assigned to them. Instead, there were six medical assistants assigned per shamble (two hundred fifty men). He does have nightmares about the wounds he witnessed. Someone with their stomach "out" is terrifying.

Tags: 1953 Battle of Pork Chop Hill, 3/23-7/16,Chinese,Fear,Front lines,Living conditions,Pride

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Not Heroic

Girma Mola Endeshaw describes the complications of Ethiopia after the Korean War. Communists came into power in 1974 in Ethiopia. The government stripped Korean War veterans of many of their possessions. This is because the veterans participated in a war to defeat communism. Still, to this day, South Korea helps the veterans, not Ethiopia.

Tags: Communists,Message to Students,Modern Korea,Personal Loss,Pride,South Koreans

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"Not the Worst"

Girma Mola Endeshaw describes his Korean War experience. Men lived in bunkers. There was no hot food. Men did not sleep, due to constant attacks. Mortar shells would shake the ground at all hours. Soldiers showered every ten days because the Americans made them. Girma Mola Endeshaw still describes his Korean experience as "not the worst."

Tags: 1953 Battle of Pork Chop Hill, 3/23-7/16,Chinese,Cold winters,Fear,Food,Front lines,Living conditions,Physical destruction,Pride,Weapons

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