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George Warfield


George Warfield was born in Bethlehem, PA.  He was discharged from the regular Army before resuming active duty after beginning his college education.  His military service lasted from September 1948 to November 1951.  During his service period, he went to Inchon, Korea and was stationed throughout Korea from December 1950 to October 1951.  He served in the 25th Reconnaissance Company, 25th Division as a Private First Class before his discharge from the military.  While in Korea, George Warfield worked as a Radio Operator.  He received awards for his service including a Korean Service Medal with 3 Bronze Campaign Stars and a Presidential Unit Citation.

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Military Reconnaissance

George Warfield was in the reserves when he was called into active duty. He was sent to Fort Campbell for two to three weeks to retrain for war. After training, he was shipped to Japan to set up for the Korean War with the 25th Reconnaissance Company, 25th Division. As a radio operator in a reconnaissance company, he had to find the enemy, go to fill-in the front line if the enemy broke the line, and he was the last unit to retreat.

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A Troop Ship Hits a Cyclone

George Warfield did not know anything about Korea before he went over. When traveling on a troop ship with 1,500 soldiers, they hit a cyclone that tossed the ship all over the ocean which made men throw up all over. Luckily, George Warfield did not get sick during any of his travels in the military.

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Destruction on Christmas Eve

George Warfield landed in Korea on December 24, 1950 and had Christmas Eve dinner on the ship before he was dropped off at Inchon harbor. He counted 17 tanks that went out to battle from Inchon, but only 1 came back the next morning after fighting. George Warfield passed through Euijeongbu one night and saw the terrible conditions for civilians, but he did not stay in any location longer than a day.

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Experiences Working With the Turkish Troops

George Warfield worked with the Turkish Army and they were tough. The Turkish Army even practiced hand-to-hand combat with their own troops to stay battle-ready. George Warfield said that he would fight with them against an enemy at any time.

Tags: Fear,Front lines,Living conditions,Pride

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Battleground Korea - the story of the 25th infantry division (inside cover)

Battleground Korea - the story of the 25th infantry division

Battleground Korea - the story of the 25th infantry division (inside cover)

Brother united at battlefront

Brother united at battlefront

Brother united at battlefront