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George Carson


George Carson joined the United States Navy shortly after graduation in 1949.  He describes his job as a radio operator utilizing Morse Code, as well as helping protect citizens from the effects of hydrogen bombs.  He shares how his service in the Navy took him to many places throughout his career. He shares his thoughts on the GI Bill as a benefit for soldiers and how it affected his own personal life.

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Top Secret Misssion

George Carson describes removing inhabitants of the Bikini and Ilowite Islands. He explains the reason was to protect civilians prior to American hydrogen bomb testing. He explained the procedures that sailors onboard the USS Renshaw followed during that testing.

Tags: Physical destruction,South Koreans,Weapons

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A Degree After War

George Carson shares how he used his GI Bill benefits. He shares how with the help of his wife he was able to go to night school. He explains that he earned a degree in Business Administration at the University of Houston.

Tags: G.I. Bill

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