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Gene Welch


Gene Welch was born on October 10, 1934 in Rolla, Missouri. After graduating Newburg High School in 1952, he enlisted in the US Air Force 1953. He attended basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas followed by electronics training in Denver, Colorado. In 1955, he was deployed to Osan Air Base (K-55), South Korea. He spent a year there attached to the 69th Fighter/Bomber Squadron tasked with installing and repairing F-86 fighter radar systems and training pilots to use them. He describes the living conditions while he was in Korea as well as the condition the planes were in when they first arrived.

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Living Conditions at Osan Air Base

Gene Welch describes the living conditions in Korea. He remembers staying in a metal hut with concrete floors. While there was fuel for heat, it would get extremely cold in the winter. He also explains what the showers and chow hall were like.

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Air Force Radar Technician

Gene Welch describes some of his responsibilities while in Korea. He had to take care of the radar which was responsible for controlling the sight on the plane. He recounts how when they arrived in Korea, many of the planes did not work, but they were able to get the equipment and fix all of the planes before leaving.

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