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Gene Jordan


Gene Jordan was born July 7, 1934 in Winslow, Illinois.  He grew up on a farm and attended a small one room country school. He quit school after his junior year of high school. At the age of seventeen, he joined the Marine Corps. He had intensive training in San Diego before leaving for Korea at the age of eighteen. He arrived in Incheon on November 10, 1952 and left Korea on this same date one year later after the Armistice.

Video Clips

A Pile of Rubble

Gene Jordan describes what it was like when he landed in Incheon. He describes the horrific scene and the utter despair of Korean children. He describes the shock he experienced from the damage and civilians begging for food.

Tags: Incheon,Cold winters,Food,Front lines,Impressions of Korea,Physical destruction,South Koreans,Weapons

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Night Patrolling

Gene Jordan describes being on the trench line at night for thirty days straight during the Korean War. He describes how the enemy was on one side and they were on the other. He explains that it was a stationary war at this point, and how they lived in the trench lines and bunkers in extremely cold weather.

Tags: 1953 Armistice 7/27,Incheon,Cold winters,Front lines,Living conditions,North Koreans

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Incheon Then vs. Now

Gene Jordan describes how hard working the Korean people were during the war era. He discusses how the Korean people have established a united, stable democratic society. He shares how he never thought much about Korea after he left, but when he attended the Marine Corp Reunion, he was amazed to see and hear about the economic growth.

Tags: 1953 Armistice 7/27,Incheon,Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Modern Korea,Physical destruction,South Koreans

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