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Eusebio Santiago


Eusebio Santiago was born in a farming village in Puerto Rico on April 6, 1931. He was the school teacher for the area and used to ride from village to village on horseback to recruit students for the local elementary school. In 1950, he had already joined the National Guard but was activated into the regular Army when the Korean War started. He served as a rifleman with the 65th Infantry Regiment.

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Night Patrols

Eusebio Santiago describes bunkers and night patrols. He recalls how the bunkers were about four feet high and eight feet wide square. He shares how men would live in bunkers due to the Chinese threat. He recalls how soldiers, while in the bunkers, did not have access to a shower for up to a month.

Tags: Imjingang (River),Front lines,Living conditions

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Loss in the Defense of Democracy

Eusebio Santiago describes the loss of a couple of fellow soldiers. The men were never found in their defense of South Korea. The soldiers of Puerto Rico were defending democracy, defending an attacked country. Eusebio Santiago describes defending against communism.

Tags: Imjingang (River),Fear,Front lines,Personal Loss

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Fishing Practices

Eusebio Santiago recalls how the sight of Korean villagers catching and cleaning fish reminded him of daily life in Puerto Rico. He describes the rice fields and how villagers continued their life with war around them. Eusebio Santiago recalls his childhood while war was going on.

Tags: Imjingang (River),Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Poverty,South Koreans

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