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Ernesto Sanchez


Ernesto Sanchez was born in Laredo, Texas on December 4, 1928.  He was drafted by the United States Army on March 19, 1952, while a student at Texas A&I in Kingsville, Texas. He was part of the 40th infantry division-223 as Sergeant First class along with platoon leader.  Ernesto Sanchez was part of the battles of No Name Hill, the Iron Triangle, and Heart Break Ridge.  He received many honors including the Combat Badge, the Korean Service and Good Conduct award, and the Korea Defense award. After being discharged Ernesto Sanchez went back to college for his Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas A&I University.

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Trench warfare like WWI

Ernesto Sanchez describes how serving in the Korean War was probably similar to World War 1, digging trenches, putting up fences and placing mines. As a result of creating a No Man's Land the forces were probably able to hold off the Chinese. Most noteworthy, Ernesto Sanchez also describes taking the Chinese soldiers as prisoners and how civilians would aid in this effort.

Tags: 1952 Battle of Triangle Hill, 10/14-11/25,Hwacheon,Chinese,Front lines,Impressions of Korea

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Attacked by 135,000 Soldiers

Ernesto Sanchez describes the night 135,000 Chinese soldiers attacked in an effort to push back UN Forces . The Chinese pushed the United Nations forces back, but with the help of the American Soldiers they were able to hold off the Chinese and no land was ultimately lost. This location was a strategic position because it was a gateway to Seoul.

Tags: 1952 Battle of Triangle Hill, 10/14-11/25,Hwacheon,Pyungyang,Seoul,Chinese,Fear,Front lines

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Being Drafted and Making a Living

Ernesto Sanchez describes his mother's reaction to his being drafted. As a result, his mother said she would go with him, which clearly she could not. When first arriving in Korea, the US Army provided winter clothing due to the cold, but expected to Ernesto Sanchez and his platoon to walk from Incheon to Seoul. While walking he was able to hitchhike aboard some American tanks the distance to Seoul.

Tags: Chuncheon,Incheon,Seoul,Basic training,Cold winters,Front lines,Home front,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions

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