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Edward Redmond


Edmond John Redmond was born in Dublin, Ireland August 24, 1924.  While growing up poor, he decided to leave school to get a job to help his family.  When he turned 19, Edmond Redmond joined the Irish Army, but they had too many men, so he joined the British Army.  While training, he was chosen for special training as a commando and this training helped him in WWII and the Korean War.  As a member of the Middle 6th Regiment, Edmond Redmond lead his platoon up to the Nakdong River, through the Pesos To Mountains, and throughout the hills to protect Pusan from the surrounding North Koreans.  After fighting his way to Pyongyang, he was able to see first hand the civilian burned houses, mass refugee trails, and orphaned children.  Edmond Redmond and his troops continued all the way up to the Yalu River, but was pushed back by the Chinese during the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir.  With only his jungle fatigues and supplies on his back, he had to withstand the cold while embedded with the United States and Australian troops.  After being pulled from the front lines in April 1951, Edmond Redmond was sent back to Britain for his next duty station and that is where he continued to live full of pride for his service in the Korean War.

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Arriving in Pusan and Protecting the Pusan Perimeter

Edward Redmond sailed into Pusan on the Unicorn and was greeted by an all-African American regiment band playing music. After a dirty, 12 hour train ride, he and his troops had to dig in near the Nakdong River. When help was needed to protect the Pusan perimeter, Edward Redmond traveled into the Pesos To Mountains where he fought the North Koreans.

Tags: 1950 Pusan Perimeter, 8/4-9/18,Busan,Nakdonggang (River),Communists,Fear,Front lines,Living conditions,North Koreans,Physical destruction,Pride,South Koreans,Weapons

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The Battle at Pyongyang

During the Battle at Pyongyang, Edward Redmond, his battalion had their first casualties. Everyone became very determined to fight. He believed that the Republic of Korea Army (ROK) and the Americans were not well-trained.

Tags: 1950 Battle of Pyongyang, 10/15-17,Pyungyang,Fear,Front lines,North Koreans,Personal Loss,Physical destruction,Pride,South Koreans,Weapons

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Retreat from the Yalu River

Edward Redmond was surrounded by evacuating Korean refugees. They were leaving behind burned houses and their land. After fighting the North Koreans back to the Yalu River, Edward Redmond held their spot until the Americans started to retreat which surprised the British Army.

Tags: 1950 Battle of Pyongyang, 10/15-17,1951 January 4 Withdrawal, 12/31-1/7,Aprokgang (Yalu River),Pyungyang,Chinese,Civilians,Fear,Front lines,Living conditions,North Koreans,Personal Loss,Physical destruction,Poverty,Pride,South Koreans,Weapons,Women

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Standing Up for a Good Cause with Help From Journalists

Edward Redmond lost some close friends while fighting in the Korean War. He was disappointed about the way the bodies of the fallen British soldiers were just quickly buried behind a building in Taegu. A reporter wrote down Edward Redmond's thoughts and published the information in a newspaper, but a top general didn't like information being leaked to the media, so he almost received a court martial.

Tags: 1950 Battle of Chosin Reservoir, 11/27-12/13,1951 January 4 Withdrawal, 12/31-1/7,Aprokgang (Yalu River),Cheongcheongang (River),Daegu,Chinese,Civilians,Cold winters,Fear,Front lines,Living conditions,North Koreans,Personal Loss,Physical destruction,Poverty,Pride,South Koreans,Weapons

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