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Edward C. Sheffield


Edward Sheffield joined the United States Army in 1949 and was shipped overseas to Japan prior to the start of the Korean War. He recounts his unit being surrounded and overrun by the North Koreans while serving in Korea, and he recalls the day he was captured and taken as a prisoner of war (POW). He describes the treatment he endured at the hands of his captors, the punishments given to men who were too ill to complete a death march, and his eventual release. He attributes growing up on a farm and his continued faith throughout his POW experience as the reasons he made it through such a difficult time. He comments on South Korea’s advancement since the war and shares his pride in his service efforts.

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Surrounded by the North Koreans

Edward Sheffield describes the events leading to his capture by the North Koreans. He recalls receiving incoming fire and being surrounded roughly fifty miles outside of Seoul. He comments on the poor treatment he endured as a POW.

Tags: Seoul,Fear,Front lines,North Koreans,POW,Weapons

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Bayonets and Belts

Edward Sheffield describes the physical treatment he endured from his North Korean captors. He shares that he was stabbed with a bayonet as well as kicked when he was first taken prisoner. He recalls thinking they might kill him due to possessing a belt he had taken as a souvenir.

Tags: Fear,Front lines,North Koreans,POW,Weapons

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Introduction to the Tiger

Edward Sheffield identifies one of the camps where he was held prisoner for the first year and a half as Camp Seven. He describes meeting the "Tiger", the enemy police force commanding officer who later began the forced death march he would survive. He recalls the "Tiger" ordering the murder of all men in the sick bay prior to the march.

Tags: Pyungyang,Chinese,Depression,Fear,North Koreans,POW,Weapons

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The Death March

Edward Sheffield shares memories of the death march he and fellow POWs experienced. He describes the machine guns set up to potentially kill him and the turn of events following the pleas made by missionaries within the group. He recalls the punishment for being the last man in line during the death march.

Tags: Pyungyang,Fear,North Koreans,POW,Weapons

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