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Donald Urich


Donald Urich was born in Missouri in 1932.  He moved to Zurich, Kansas when he was eight and was drafted into the Army in 1953.  He was in Korea when the Armistice was signed and was relieved when he heard about it.  He served as a Motor Sergeant and was a good mechanic.  He serviced the vehicles of Ethiopian and Greek troops.  He learned a lot from being in Korea and is impressed with modern day Korea.  When he returned in 1954 he used the GI Bill to go to Stevenson Automotive Body School for six months.  He worked in the automotive industry his whole life in various jobs such as a body mechanic and service manager.  He would love to go back to Korea, but he doesn’t think his health will allow it.

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Landing in Incheon

Donald Urich first landed in Incheon which he described as crowded. From there he went north and remembers seeing the DMZ. He was with the 45th Infantry Division, but was then transferred to the 7th Division. He worked in a motor pool and became Motor Sergeant in charge of one hundred and seven vehicles and dozens of mechanics.

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Learning about the Armistice

Sergeant Urich was in Korea when he heard about the Armistice. He was relieved and thought it was good because there would be no more fighting or killing. He said nobody must of told the North Koreans about the Armistice because they were sending shells over the DMZ when he went up there.

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1954 Seoul

Donald Urich said Seoul was desolate 1954. Houses were in shambles and businesses were in bad shape. In the winter he remembers seeing kids without shoes or many clothes. He would have candy for the kids and remembers Seoul being very poor, but he said the people were cordial.

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Modern Day Korea

Donald Urich talks about modern day Korea and how impressed he is about how it has changed over the years. He said Korea outdid themselves and they produce a lot of good things now. He thinks having thirty thousand American troops in Korea today is a deterrent to North Korea.

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