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Donald Dahlin


Donald Dahlin was born in South Dakota on May 27, 1945. He was drafted into the US Army in 1965 and served in Vietnam. It was a very traumatic experience for him, which led to a serious bout of depression that he was thankfully able to overcome. He came to know and appreciate a gentleman in his hometown that served in the Korean War, who he later found out was a prisoner of war. He wanted to honor his memory by sharing his story. (This is an abbreviated interview.)

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Remembering a Hometown Hero

Donald Dahlin remembers a hometown hero, Noble Nelson. He shares his experience of knowing him most of his life but never knowing he was a prisoner of war. He describes him as being a hero but that he struggled with the recognition he received from his hometown. He proudly recalls his story that was put into a book by Mr. Nelson's loving wife. (This interview ends abruptly.)

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