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Don C. Jones


Don C. Jones joined the United States Army in 1946 to continue his education under the G.I. Bill Benefit. During childhood, he found himself very involved in music. This drew him to play instruments such as the clarinet and later the bassoon. In the United States Army, he served in the 7th Infantry Division Band in Korea, using the musical skills he had learned as a child. During his time in Korea, Don C. Jones was inspired to become a Christian missionary and continued his education to pursue seminary school. He later returned to Korea and lived there for 36 years.

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Understanding the Communist Perspective

Don C. Jones arrived in Korea in 1947. He describes the political situation between North and South Korea at that time. He describes how reunification was promoted although it never happened. He elaborates seeing signs intimating reunification would never happen, spurred by the Soviet presence backing the North Koreans. He also describes a conversation he had with a Communist late at night, attempting to understand the other perspective.

Tags: Chinese,Communists,Impressions of Korea,North Koreans

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Korea Reborn from the Ashes

Don C. Jones has seen the Korean peninsula transition from before the onset of the Korean War through the present day. He witnessed it through his service in the Army and his work as a Christian missionary. He describes how when he first arrived in Korea majority of the people were illiterate and in poverty, while detailing this is not the case today.

Tags: Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Modern Korea,Poverty

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Korea as a Symbol of the Cold War

Don C. Jones discusses what he believes the Korean War symbolizes. He details prior events that took place and led up to the conflict in Korea between Communist and Capitalist nations. He elaborates how Korea was a part of that greater conflict in the Cold War.

Tags: Communists,Impressions of Korea

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