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Doddy Green (Widow of Ray Green)


Doddy Green, widow of veteran Ray Green, describes her deceased husband’s experiences after being drafted into the military and serving in Korea during the war. Due to her husband writing letters to her while he was overseas, Doddy can recall his impressions, experiences, and thoughts during the war. She offers his account of digging lines for the present-day DMZ and living on C-Rations. She shares that he experienced a wound and developed some frostbite while in Korea and that he experienced malaria shortly after returning home. She even recalls her husband’s experience at the movies in Korea during monsoon season. She speaks highly of her husband’s service and remembers his impressions of the Korean people and their gratefulness for the sacrifices Americans made during the war.

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Letters from Korea and Digging the DMZ

Doddy Green, widow of veteran Ray Green, recalls a particular letter from her husband at the developing DMZ. She shares that her husband spoke of the quietened guns after the ceasefire. She explains that her husband described the digging of lines at the present-day DMZ and living on C-Rations.

Tags: 1953 Armistice 7/27,Communists,Food,Front lines,Letters,Living conditions

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The Relationship between American and KATUSA Soldiers

Doddy Green, widow of veteran Ray Green, recalls her husband's feelings towards KATUSA (Korean Augmentation to the United States Army) soldiers and the Korean people. She expresses that her husband was truly impressed with the gentleness of the Korean people. She describes the Korean people as being grateful for the sacrifices Americans made.

Tags: Impressions of Korea,KATUSA,Letters,Pride,South Koreans

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Wounds and Ailments

Doddy Green, widow of the veteran Ray Green, describes a few of the physical abuses her husband either suffered during the war or shortly after returning home. She shares that he suffered a sabotage wound and developed a little frostbite in his ear while in Korea. She recounts a bout he experienced with malaria as well upon his return home.

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An American in Paris in Monsoon Season

Doddy Green, widow of veteran Ray Green, describes her husband taking part in a familiar American pastime while in Korea. She recalls, from one of his letters, him seeing the movie An American in Paris on Geojedo Island. She remembers him writing that he was drenched after the excursion due to it being Korea's monsoon season.

Tags: Geojedo,Letters,Living conditions,Monsoon

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