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Dirk J. Louw


Dirk J. Louw from South Africa has served as the President of the Korean War Veterans Association of South Africa since 2013. The son of Johannes J. E. Louw, a Korean War veteran, Dirk describes his father’s life growing up in the Northern Cape and serving in the South African Air Force. Johannes J. E. Louw served during the Korean War from September 4, 1952 until November 12, 1953 at base K55. In 2013 Dirk J. Louw visited South Korea and compares the devastation from South African Veteran pictures to the new Korea he experiences. Dirk J. Louw is proud of the South African veterans’ service in Korea and wants to ensure their legacy lives on.

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If You Can't Look Out For Yourself...

Dirk J. Louw shows a picture of his father, Johannes J. E. Louw who was born November 6, 1926. The youngest of 7 children Johannes J. E. Louw grew up on a farm and in 1942 enrolled in the South African Air Force. He served as a logician and was responsible for the welfare of other soldiers.

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Stories of My Father

Dirk J. Louw describes his father's stories of devastation and destruction in Korea. He remembers a particular story and photographs his father shared with him beside a jeep truck that belonged to the United States. Dirk J. Louw's father, Johannes J. E. Louw, returned the jeep back to the Americans multiple times.

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Day He Was Supposed To Leave

In September of 1953, Johannes J. E. Louw was scheduled to leave Korea. After reporting to the airport, he was told he could not leave and had to return to his base. He had already given away all his personal belongings including his two dogs. The two dogs were skinned by the time he returned, a difficult situation for him as he considered them his friends during this isolated time.

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South African Servicemen

Dirk J. Louw describes how the South African government sent a squadron to Korea based on a deal with the Americans where the United States equipment was used against payment to the South African government. 826 South African volunteers served in Korea during the war.

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Recipe for Success

Dirk J. Louw visited South Korea in September of 2013. As president of the South African Korean War Association, he has seen many photographs from veterans regarding the devastated South Korean Country. He was amazed at the big cars, smooth roads, and large buildings when he visited. He comments that the commitment of the Korean people has led to what they have been able to achieve.

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