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David J. Smith


David J. Smith was born on June 19, 1933 in Pennsylvania. After graduating Malvern Prep High School (1951) and studying at Philadelphia Textile Institute, he volunteered to be drafted into the US Army in 1953 at the age of 19. He attended basic training at Fort Meade, Maryland before training to be a combat medic at Camp Pickett, Virginia. He was deployed to Korea in December of 1953 and was attached to the 47th MASH Unit in Chuncheon as a medical technician. He returned to the US in early 1955 and began a career in real estate.

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The 47th MASH Unit

David J. Smith talks about his job as a medical technician attached to the 47th MASH Unit. He describes his job working with doctors during surgery, interviewing patients who came in off the field, and taking care of sick soldiers during sick call. He also describes the layout of the unit, comprised of seven quonset huts.

Tags: Chuncheon,Front lines,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions

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