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David H. Epstein


David H. Epstein was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1932.  He was raised in Kansas City, Missouri, where he graduated from Central High School in 1949.  After subsequently attending the University of Missouri for one year, he was drafted into the United States Marine Corps in 1952.  Following basic training in California, he was sent to Korea in January of 1953, where he was assigned to Command Post Security for the Headquarters Company of the 1st Marine Division.  Upon returning to the United States, he worked at an insurance agency for sixty-one years.

Video Clips

A Destroyed City

David H. Epstein discusses seeing Seoul during the Korean War. He recalls that the city was a destroyed, flattened area in 1953, and describes the South Korean people as being very friendly. He describes seeing women and children walking on the roads, and remembers not being able to communicate with them.

Tags: Seoul,Civilians,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Physical destruction,Poverty,South Koreans,Women

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Meeting a Friend from Home

David H. Epstein shares an endearing story about being reconnected with a childhood friend who was his military superior. He recalls that both of their mothers arranged the meeting between he and the other soldier prior to both of them being shipped overseas to Korea. He explains that after the Korean War was over, they both continued to reconnect as friends while they were both still serving in South Korea.

Tags: Basic training,Front lines,Home front,KATUSA,Rest and Relaxation (R&R)

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Drafted, Training, and Starting a Family

David H. Epstein recalls being drafted, going through basic training, and starting a family around the same time. He explains how he came to be in the United States Marine Corps, rather than the United States Army, although he was drafted. He describes his arrival in Korea, and the duties involved in being assigned to Command Post Security for Headquarters Company of the 1st Marine Division.

Tags: Incheon,Panmunjeom,Basic training,Front lines,Home front,Weapons

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Camp Chuck all smiles who would'nt be

Camp Chuck Gagne he's just on his way home

Camp Guess who

Camp Mike his 2nd tour in Korea came over in 1950.

Camp Mike O'Laughlin end of valley is front lines

Camp On the hill is the MC emblem and part of the MLR Cp is there in valley.

Camp Woody in front the working tents

Dad in Camp Color

Dad in Korea Color

Dad in Korean Cemetery 1

Dad in Korean Cemetery 2

Dad in Korean Temple

Dad with Korean Children

Dad with Korean Children 2




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On the ship right after boat drill, 1953

RPPC USNS General MC Meigs, picture of the tub we are on from Dad.

San Diego Harbor from the Ship, 1953

San Diego Harbor from the Ship 6am, time to leave the USA, 1953

San Diego Harbor, The Ship 1953

Tex, Guts, Me with Beer and Rifle

Tex with Snowball

The Boys, Guts, Tex, Me

The Gang, when I was Born

Water Point outside - CP Korean with S Frame on back

We all hits Guts with snowball after he took picture

When I was Born, Fickeria, Dad, Ole Pop, Murphy