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Darold Galloway


Darold Galloway was born on February 26, 1935 in Logan, Utah. After high school in Salt Lake City, he enlisted in the United States Navy in March 1952. He attended basic training in San Diego, California before being sent to Pearl Harbor and assigned to the USS Fletcher (DD-445) on which he served as an engine room throttleman. During his time on ship, he took part of several battles. After the war, he returned to the United States and today lives in Utah.

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Fighting on the USS Fletcher

Darold Galloway talks about the mission of the USS Fletcher. He describes the destroyer's mission as an escort of other ships to Korea and it's mission once it arrived in Wonsan, as a decoy and recovery vessel.

Tags: Wonsan,Front lines,Weapons

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Daily Life on the USS Fletcher

Darold Galloway talks about daily life on the USS Fletcher (DD-445). He describes the weapons systems and number of men on board. He also talks about food, living quarters, and the duty schedule.

Tags: Food,Living conditions,Weapons

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Mission of the USS Fletcher

Darold Galloway talks about the ongoing mission of the USS Fletcher during the ship's involvement in the Korean War. He describes drawing fire from enemy artillery and heading out to sea to rendezvous with naval ships that had greater artillery range.

Tags: Wonsan,Fear,Front lines,North Koreans,Weapons

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