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Cletus S. Pollak


Cletus S. Pollak was drafted into the Korean War at the age of twenty one years old. He was never sent overseas as the war was winding down by the time he had completed basic training. He describes that once the war was ending, soldiers from his battalion would be sent overseas to Germany and Korea to fill in missing members from other military units. He also details his response when he went home, an almost total lack of knowledge that the Korean War had even happened. He finishes by describing his feelings towards war in general, in particular the ambivalence surrounding the Vietnam War.

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Filling in after the War

Cletus S. Pollak describes the function of his battalion at the end of the Korean War. He explains Eisenhower becoming president and his desire to end the Korean War. He also describes how members of his battalion stateside would be selected to fill in missing members of units overseas in Germany and Korea.

Tags: Home front,Impressions of Korea

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Were you gone?

Cletus S. Pollak shares that the Korean War was not the topic of conversation and describes coming home after the war and the reaction from most people being one of ignorance. He explains that the American populace was tired of war after World War II. He describes how the nation was tired of rationing and this contributed to the Korean War becoming known as the forgotten war.

Tags: Home front,Impressions of Korea

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Useless Waste of Men

Cletus S. Pollak describes his feelings towards the Vietnam War after having served in the Korean War. He explains his feelings of ambivalence towards the war itself. He also includes his feelings that the war was a waste of men and resources.

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Camaraderie through the Years

Cletus S. Pollak shares that he formed friendships during his service from all over the country. He recounts keeping in touch with a friend through Christmas cards and attending the funeral of another after his passing. He adds that he has developed a close camaraderie with other Korean War veterans as of late.

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