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Bjarne Christensen


Bjarne Christensen explains how he joined a Maritime School in 1950 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  After he finished a year of school, he was told he had to report to be hired. He explains how he worked as part of a hospital ship, Jutlandia, but was unaware that would be his job at first. He explains his experience in the ship with the doctors, nurses, and wounded. He explains that he was only sixteen and it was hard to see the turmoil war had on the civilians.

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Korea Then and Now

Bjarne Christensen explains how he was struck during the war at the amount of poverty he saw in Busan, South Korea. He shares how it has changed during his recent visit. He explains how he was impressed and overwhelmed by the differences.

Tags: Busan,Seoul,Front lines,Impressions of Korea,Modern Korea,Poverty

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Life on Hospital Ship

Bjarne Christensen explains how he had luxuries onboard the Jutlandia. He describes a small but comfortable space. He explains that in his short time in the war that his life on the ship was pleasant.

Tags: Busan,Food,Front lines

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At War at Just Sixteen

Bjarne Christensen explains how he exited the hospital ship in Busan to see poverty. He shares that he had never seen anything like it at sixteen. He shares how he saw children begging and it bothered him.

Tags: 1950 Pusan Perimeter, 8/4-9/18,Busan,Civilians,Poverty,South Koreans

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