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Baldwin F. Myers


Baldwin Frank Myers entered the army in 1949. He served as a rifleman in the early stages of the conflict in the Battles of Jinju and Handong in July of 1950 outside the Pusan Perimeter. For a week, he engaged in brutal battles and saw many men die. These experiences stayed with him for his whole life, revisiting him every night as he slept. His bravery in that week has never been formally recognized even though he led around a hundred men to safety as Jinju fell.

Video Clips

Battle of Jinju Begins

Baldwin F. Myers recounts the beginning of conflict on the road from Jinju to Hadong. He discusses coming under fire from North Korean mortars. He also describes his struggles with PTSD related to that day.

Tags: Front lines,North Koreans,Personal Loss

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Missing in Action

Baldwin F. Myers discusses getting wounded and waking up in Japan. He recounts how he learned that he was officially missing in action. He also shares meeting a fellow soldier that he saved during battle.

Tags: Front lines

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Fighting His Way Back to the Lines

Baldwin Myers describes the Battle of Jinju and his time behind enemy lines. As the city was falling, Baldwin Myers had to find a weapon and fight his way back to American lines. He successfully rejoined American forces the day before Jinju fell.

Tags: Fear,Front lines,North Koreans,Physical destruction,Weapons

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