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Amitava Banerjee


Born on October 1, 1958, Brigadier Dr. Amitava Banerjee is the son of Korean War Veteran Lieutenant General Asoke Banerjee. The Lieutenant General was born on January 2, 1926, in Darbhanga, India, and passed away on January 22, 2018. He earned his medical degree in 1948 from Prince of Wales Medical College, Patna. Medicine and military service are not new to the Banerjee family, as the father of Asoke, Captain AN Banerjee, was a medical officer in the British Army and fought in Mesopotamia (Iran) in the early 20th century. In 1949, Asoke became a Lieutenant in the army, serving in Korea from November 1950 until June 1953 with the 60th Para Field Ambulance Unit and specializing in radiology. After the war, Asoke became a pathologist (AFMC Pune), joined the Royal College of Physicians in 1966, commanded the medical battalion 406 during the Bangladesh War, and served as a medical administrator in Jammu and Kashmir. His final appointment was Director General of Medical Services in June of 1983. Both father and son served together in the Medical Corps of the Indian Army before Asoke retired.

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Biography of His Father

Amitava Banerjee shares about his father Asoke's background and experience. His father was a footballer and was selected to play on the Indian team for the 1948 Olympics; however, he declined to go since it was his last year in medical school. After finishing school, he was commissioned in 1948. He joined the 60th Para Field Ambulance Unit as a Lieutenant in 1949. He served in Korea from November 1950 to June 1953. He was awarded many medals and later became a pathologist. He had 38 years of service and passed away at age 92 in 2018.

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Service in Korea

Asoke Banerjee was a medical officer in Korea from 1950-1953. He used to look after the ADS, the advanced dressing station attached to many of the battalions on the front lines. Amitava shares some correspondence his father wrote. His father recalls Korea being very cold, especially as they moved towards Pyongyang. Once the Chinese began their advance, his father's unit moved south towards Seoul. His father was working in a large hospital associated with the United States MASH hospitals.

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Photos and Awards

Amitava Banerjee shows a picture of him and his father, Asoke, while they served in the Indian Army together. They served together for three years. He speaks of his father's awards and shares a citation. He discusses the status of his father's pictures.

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