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Allan A. Mavin


Allan A. Mavin was drafted to serve in the Korean War in 1953 into her Royal Majesty’s Service. Great Britain sent troops to fight in the Korean War to assisted the United Nations efforts in containing the spread of Communism. He describes his role in First Battalion requiring him to listen for threats in ‘No Man’s Land.’ He also describes many of the difficult living conditions he experienced throughout the war. He had the opportunity to revisit Seoul in 1998 and compares the city then to what he had witnessed during his service in the Korean War.

Video Clips

Night Patrol in No Man's Land

Allan A. Mavin details his responsibilities as a part of the night patrol in "No Man's Land." He describes having to sleep during the day to stay up all night listening for enemy troops sounds. He describes how his responsibilities coordinated with members of the ambush and intelligence patrols.

Tags: Front lines

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No Water and Warm Food

Allan A. Mavin remembers his most difficult moments during the Korean War. He describes his living conditions with no water, electricity, and living in tents. He describes lack of hygiene and warm food.

Tags: Cold winters,Food,Living conditions

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Seoul: Before and After

Allan A. Mavin recollects here on his journey back to South Korea in 1998. He describes the hospitality of the South Korean people. He also compares and contrasts what he witnessed changed in Seoul before and after the Korean War.

Tags: Seoul,Impressions of Korea,Modern Korea,South Koreans

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