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Ali Saglik


Ali Saglik served as a Sergeant of the 11th Artillery Company in the Turkish Army during the Korean War. He came from humble beginnings, born one of five children to a father that was a farmer. He originally enlisted in the gendarmerie of Turkey, but because of his small stature was sent to Korea. Ali Saglik saw action in Korea at the Battle of Kunu-ri and Hill Sandbag Castle. The loss of men and friends has caused him nightmares. However, he is proud of his service and his contribution to the Korean people.

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"Cold Blooded"

Ali Saglik describes the defense measures he took in order to protect his troops at the Battle of Kunu-ri and Sandbag Castle. He laid mines in the front, had dogs defending their flanks and men stationed in the rear, with machine guns in the front. At the Battle of Kunu-ri there was continuous fire for two days and eventually the Turkish soldiers defeated the Chinese in close combat with bayonets affixed. Ali Saglik lastly describes the loss of two soldiers under his command.

Tags: Chinese,Communists,Fear,Front lines,Personal Loss,Pride,Weapons

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A Civilian War

Ali Saglik describes how the Turkish forces captured a spy. He also describes how enemy forces, hiding in civilian houses, shot and injured a fellow soldier. Not all Korean civilians were enemies, however, as some would provide fresh fish. Ali Saglik also describes the Battle of Kunu-ri and how the "Americans ran away." Turkish soldiers attached bayonets and killed Chinese for two days.

Tags: Chinese,Civilians,Communists,Fear,Food,Front lines,Personal Loss,Weapons

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Too Short for Gendarmerie

Ali Saglik was too short for a Gendarmerie, a Turkish National Defender, and sent to Korea. He achieved a rank of Sergeant while in Korea and served at Hill Sandbag Castle (aka Hill 1220), which was a destroyed front. His company had two cannons that "killed a lot of Chinese."

Tags: Chinese,Communists,Front lines,Pride,Weapons

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