Korean War Legacy Project

Alford Rodriguez Rivera


Alford Rodriguez Rivera served as an Army medic during the Korean War, hailing from New York. He shares that, prior to the war, he knew nothing about Korea. He recollects Korea’s landscape and recounts his experiences as a medic. He also shares accounts of meals and living conditions as well as sending letters home to family during the war. He is proud to have served in the military. He offers encouragement in joining the military to younger generations.

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Letters with Money Sent Home

Alford Rodriguez Rivera explains that he sent letters home to family during the war. He shares that he cannot quite recall the amount of money he made each month, but the figure ranged between $100-$200. He describes sending some of his earnings to his uncle during the war. He confirms having girlfriend during the war but cannot recollect sending her letters.

Tags: Home front,Letters

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Living Conditions in the Foxholes

Alford Rodriguez Rivera recounts his meals and his living conditions during the war. He explains that he ate C-rations and slept in foxholes during his time there. He shares that he did not know anything about Korea before arriving. He recollects Korea being mountainous with many trees and there being snow in the winter.

Tags: Cold winters,Food,Impressions of Korea,Living conditions,Prior knowledge of Korea

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Poud To Have Served the Flag

Alford Rodriguez Rivera shares that he is proud to have served the flag of the United States. To younger generations, he offers encouragement for joining the Army. He emphasizes his pride again regarding his service in Korea.

Tags: Message to Students,Pride

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