Korean War Legacy Project

Albert (Hank) Daumann


Hank Daumann was born in Brooklyn, New York and enlisted in the Navy after graduating high school.  He knew of Korea because his girlfriend was a communist and knew of North Korea.  After enlisting he asked for aviation, was granted his request, and was involved with aircraft during his time in the Navy.  He went to boot camp at Bainbridge, Maryland and his home base was Quonset Point, Rhode Island.  His older brother was drafted into the Army, but neither went to Korea during the war.  He was in a training squadron and would fly targets for ships and planes to shoot at and also was in a patrol squadron as an Aircrewman.

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The Family Reacts To Enlisting and Basic Training

Hank Daumann talks about how his Dad was not happy with his enlistment because his Dad had spent time in a POW camp in America. His Dad was arrested at the beginning of WWII by the FBI as an enemy alien because he was German. One month after Hank Daumann enlisted his brother was drafted into the Army.

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Thoughts on the Korean War and his Veteran Organization

Hank Daumann discusses why he thinks The Korean War is often called "The Forgotten War". He talks about how there weren't any parades for returning veterans. He also talks about the importance and legacy of The Korean War and his organization's involvement in the local Korean community in Houston.

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