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Albert Gonzales


Albert Gonzales was drafted into the Army in 1950 knowing very little about Korea. He eventually became an interrogator, learned some of the language, and even married a Korean woman. He describes what it was like when he first arrived to Busan. He also remembers what it was like questioning North Koreans.  Albert Gonzales concludes his interview discussing how Korea has shown appreciation for everything that America did for them in the war.

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First Impressions of Busan

Albert Gonzales describes what he saw when he first arrived in Busan. He explained how there were machine guns at every intersection as they rode in on the cattle cars. He remembers how terrified he and the soldiers felt not knowing what to expect during this war, yet they persevered.

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The North Korean Soldier

Albert Gonzales explained that the North Korean soldiers were very intelligent and skilled. He said that they knew a lot of details about their weapons and supplies. He also describes how they were so well versed that they would stare at new things to gain a better perception.

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Korea is Thankful

Albert Gonzales describes how he believes Korea is the only country thankful for what America has done for them. He explains how they have assisted in several other wars and have shown their appreciation over time. He states that they are proud of us and we are proud of them too.

*There is some explicit language in this clip.

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