Korean War Legacy Project

Al Lemieux


Al Lemieux is a veteran who has stayed active in Korean War legacy activities. He describes the relationships he has developed with Koreans in his local area and the events they host together. He also explains what it was like returning to Korea on one of this two trips back to the area. Finally, he gives examples of the harsh weather that they experienced during the war. Al Lemieux is very proud of his military service in the Marines.

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Koreans Supporting Veterans Today

Al Lemieux discusses the relationship he has developed with the Korean people in the greater Kansas City area. He describes the positive dynamic between the Korean community and veterans including attending luncheons, Thanksgiving dinners, and other activities. He has worked closely with these groups to carry on the legacy of the Korean War.

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Return to Korea

Al Lemieux has returned to Korea twice since the war. He describes what it was like on his first trip back to the Punchbowl area where he had his last mission. He was able to see the tunnels dug by the North Koreans as well as the DMZ. He states that it did not look like it did when he left Korea in 1951.

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Harsh Weather in Korea

Al Lemieux describes the weather conditions in Korea. He explains how harsh the summers were for the young men who had to carry heavy loads. He also mentions the effects of the monsoon season. Additionally, he describes the heavy snowfall they experienced, touching on the various types of harsh weather that they experienced during the war.

Tags: Cold winters,Living conditions,Monsoon

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