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Cevdet Sidal

Video screen capture: Cevdet Sidal

Cevdet Sidal served in the Turkish Army as a Signaller during the Korean War. He was born the youngest of three siblings in Istanbul, Turkey. Cevdet Sidal was part of the Battle of Kunu-ri and various other engagements with the enemy. The Korean War was a guerrilla-style warfare and Cevdet Sidal lost many friends and was in constant harm. While in Korea, Cevdet Sidal's occupation of signaler was integral to the success of the fronts. A signaler sends messages about the needs of the troops, whether for ammunition or other supplies. He is proud of his service in Korea and considers the Republic of Korea as his own nation.

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Ibrahim Talcinkaya

Video screen capture: Ibrahim Talcinkaya

Ibrahim Yalςinkaya served in the Turkish army during the Korean War.His father was a farmer and he was one of four siblings. He joined the army in 1951 and went to Korea in 1952. Ibrahim Yalςinkaya served along the Vegas Front. The fighting along the Vegas Front was extremely fierce and left many dead. He revisited South Korea and was amazed at the change, specifically how green the country became. Because of his experiences in Korea, he wishes there was no war.

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Ahmet Tan

Video screen capture: Ahmet Tan

Ahmet Tan served as a soldier in the Turkish army during the Korean War.  Ahmet Tan had no formal education, not even elementary and his parents were both illiterate. He was part of the the Turkish 1st Battalion, 4th Company. He was garrisoned in the Iron Triangle of Korea, near Cheorwon. When first arriving, in 1952, the area was very violent. However, after July of 1953, after the signing of the Armistice, tensions cooled and Ahmet Tan and fellow Turkish soldiers were able to return home.

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Halil Tasci

Video screen capture: Halil Tasci

Halil Tasci represents Korean War Veterans as President of the Korean War Veterans, Karsiyaka (Izmir Chapter) Association. This chapter originally had a peak of approximately seventy Korean War Veterans. The Karsiyaka Association wishes to keep attention on the sacrifices of the Turkish soldiers. The sacrifices of Korean War soldiers should not be "forgotten." They accomplish this through a variety of activities. One activity is having veterans share their experience with school children. The Karsiyaka Association also provides a social outlet and food for the veterans of Izmir five days a week.

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Mehmet Yasar

Video screen capture: Mehmet Yasar

Mehmet Cemil Yasar served in the Turkish army during the Korean War. He enlisted in the military in 1949 and went to Korea in 1950. He was part of the first wave of Turkish soldiers in Korea. Mehmet Cecil Yasar saw fighting at the famed Battle of Kunu-ri and Geumyangjangri Front. During his time served, the Allied forces re-captured Seoul and pushed into territory north of the 38th parallel. Above all, Mehmet Cecil Yasar saw the horrors of war, yet is proud of the Turkish fighters.

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Necdet Yazicioglu

Video screen capture: Necdet Yazicioglu

Necdet Yaz?c?o?lu served in the Turkish infantry during the Korean War. Prior to Korea, he graduated from the Turkish War Academy. He enlisted in the military after graduation in 1949. He arrived in Korea in August of 1952. Because the war had raged for a couple of years prior, Necdet Yaz?c?o?lu saw the worst of Korea. He witnessed the desperation of the Korean people. In May of 1953, he participated in the Battle for the Nevada Complex. This Battle was during the peace negotiations and helped secure the 38th Parallel as the dividing line between North and South Korea. Importantly, Necdet Yaz?c?o?lu is very proud of his service and would fight again if needed even at his age.

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