Korean War Legacy Project

Teaching about North Korea Webinar, October 2021


Sponsored by World History Digital Education/ Korea Foundation

In this engaging webinar, participants explored the current geopolitical situation in North Korea which continues to capture global headlines.  The webinar will share current teaching resources connected to North Korea and offer lines of instructional thinking that can engage students. Featuring a scholar and nationally renowned teacher trainers, the four hour webinar will present ideas and instructional practices that can be applied to your classroom.  The resources are easily adapted to students at any grade level and the webinar also will serve as a preview to even more detailed instructional resources focused on North Korea currently being developed by the WHDE.

Survey Summary

The Teaching about North Korea webinar was our largest professional development opportunity in 2021 with 90 participants with over ½ of the participants being new to our programs. Of the participants, 36.9% work in public schools in a suburban setting and 25% work in a public school in an urban setting. The diversity of teaching locations highlights the reach of our programs and the impact that our programs have across the country and in some parts of the world.

Over 90% of the respondents rated the quality of this virtual conference as a 4 or 5 (with 5 being the best). Similar percentages indicated that this session helped them learn new content knowledge that they would use in their classrooms and that they would be able to use the materials provided with students. The participants indicated that they particularly appreciated the primary sources provided and indicated that they learned new information about the US-South Korean diplomacy.