Korean War Legacy Project

NCSS Pre-Conference Clinic, Nov 2021


Sponsored by World History Digital Education/ Korea Foundation

The World History Digital Education Foundation partnered with the National Council for the Social Studies to publish Korea’s Place in Teaching Social Studies. The curriculum book includes four modules that are each aligned with a different discipline of social studies including history, geography, economics, and civics. All materials in the book are offered for no charge online and in a print format. The book is designed for the 9-12 audience, but the modules can easily be adapted for the middle school level.

Participants in the conference clinic actively engaged in the activities and instructional materials that were developed using open source materials to teach about Korea using a case study approach. The rich history and culture of Korea coupled with important recent developments will provide multiple opportunities to engage students. Teachers learned about lessons aligned to four disciplines of Social Studies:

This interactive session allowed teachers to use and consider how they might adapt materials for the specific populations they teach.

Survey Summary

The 2021 NCSS Conference Clinic included 40 teachers. 92% of the survey respondents rated the quality of the professional development as a 4 or 5, with 5 being the highest. The same percentage reported that the Clinic helped to increase their knowledge about teaching about Korea and 91% reported that they would be able to use the materials shared with them with their students. When asked for specifics about the conference and resources, respondents shared that they especially appreciated the visual analysis activities and new learning about Buddhism were especially useful.