Korean War Legacy Project

AP Human Geography Series, April 2021


Sponsored by World History Digital Education/ Korea Foundation

This two-part webinar focused on reviewing for the spring AP Human Geography exam.  In this virtual, interactive session, participants accessed  teaching materials that could be implemented immediately to prepare students for the AP Exam.  Participants had an opportunity to work with free, open source materials and adapt them to the needs of their students.  These sessions included targeted review lessons and instructional strategies for teaching and reviewing analysis of population pyramids, cultural landscapes, and economic development including sectors.

Participants worked directly with the authors of these instructional materials and asked questions to be able to immediately use, adapt, and implement the materials for review with students including assessment materials aligned to the new AP Human Geography exam format.  Stimulus-based MCQs and free response questions were accompanied by teaching strategies as well as answer keys for convenient teacher reference. Geography teachers found the strategies and focus on skill development particularly helpful as they were all designed to be student-centered activities where students actively learn and make meaning by wrestling with graphs, data, photographs, and other sources.